Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fair Thee Well

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, I took a trip to Osaka and went to a job fair. It was a pretty nice experience once I had actually gotten there. (I forgot to bring an umbrella, so of course it was raining. And I got lost on the way and arrived half an hour late.)

Anyway, I got to hear about a few companies, both Japanese and international ones, and got a few good ideas of which ones to apply to. Right now Mitsubishi is looking quite interesting. And on the way home I did not get lost, thankfully.

Today, I'm just going to stay at home, though. It's raining again, so I'm not going out unless I have to. Which I don't, so HA!

Until next time, everyone, have a good day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Game Music: Gun

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I made one of these posts, and I don't have much else to write about at the moment, so let's listen to some music. This wonderful piece is the main theme of the game Gun, a western open-world third person action game that was good, but felt like it could have been so much more. It has some great voice acting, an amazing soundtrack that really enhances the mood of the game, and a pretty interesting story and likeable characters that really grow on you. I recently replayed it for the nostalgia, and once again realised just how short the game actually is. Oh well, it's still pretty good. Maybe I should check out Red Dead Redemption one of these days...

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!
Well, that's it for now. Until next time, have a good day! Yee-haw! Giddy up!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weather Report

Hi everyone!

Nothing much to say today, except a big "screw you" to the weather here in Kyoto today. Yeah, it's raining. I just wish spring would shuffle over here on its scrawny little legs and warm things up around here. I've had it with winter for a while now, thanks.

Oh well, I guess I'm just a bit moody because of the weather, but It'll get better. Hopefully. In the meantime, I'll try to cheer up a bit. Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Hunt Begins.

Hi everyone!

Today, I started hunting for real. No, I am not talking about Monster Hunter, although I do play that from time to time. I am talking about job hunting. If I want to stay in Japan even after my exchange program ends, I will need some form of income, that is to say, a job.

Of course, I do have my freelance translation thing going, but it seems like having a "real" employment really is the only way to go for a foreigner like me. (Not saying you can't make it on your own if you really want to, just that I personally might not be suited for that.) If I can get a job, any job really, and do some translation work on the side, I think I could live well enough here even without free scholarship money from the government. (I am going to miss that, though.)

So yeah, I'm just going to do my best with this, and hope I can find something. Until next time, have a good day!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ambulating in the Presence of Monsters (or, there he goes again with his damn "wit")

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago, I indulged in some nostalgia as I re-watched the BBC series Walking With Dinosaurs, a show that I loved immensely as a child. I then proceeded to check out the follow-up series called Walking With Beasts, which covered the time period from after the dinosaurs went extinct, to the ice age. And I found it slightly underwhelming.

This has mostly to do with my age, I suspect. I mean, a ten year old kid is going to be quite a lot easier to impress than a 21 year old one, right? Couple that with the nostalgia factor of re-watching a childhood favourite show (more on that in another post), and you've got it all pretty clear cut. This doesn't mean Walking With Beasts is inferior to its predecessor. No, I thought it was quite good, and it was interesting to see humans finally make an appearance among the prehistoric wildlife. I guess the ten year old kid in me just prefers the dinosaurs, in the end.

And who can blame him? After all, dinosaurs remain, even today, some of the most impressive and fascinating creatures ever to walk the earth. They're big, they're cool, they're exotic. Compare that to, say, a mammoth, which is simply just big. And not that big when you put it next to a full grown Diplodocus.

In all, Walking With Beasts was a good series, but I still prefer the dinosaurs.

Until next time, everyone. Have a good day!