Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hi everyone! I'm a little tired today. I pulled an all-nighter last night, something I usually don't do. I was at a friend's house for a small LAN party. When I got home, it was 6.30 am, and I just needed to sleep.
I intended to sleep until about 10.30, but ended up snoozing until 13.30 instead. I hate the feeling of sleeping away so much of a day like that, but at least I felt well rested.

I'm just going to take it easy today, chill out, prepare my visa application and go to sleep early. I'll just leave you with a little lullaby. Oh man, now I feel sleepy again...
Until next time, everyone! Have a good day!


  1. That's close to my normal sleep schedule lol

  2. Good luck with the Visa application. How hard is to actually get the Visa? Are the Japanese folks annoying when it comes to giving away visas or they are relaxed?

  3. Huh, I usually feel tired the whole day after I sleep in and rested when I wake up early.

  4. @GMSoccerPicks
    The Japanese love red tape, and if a process is too simple, they WILL find a way to make it a little more complicated. That said, I think I'll be fine.

  5. It's all worth it for the lan, gotta love playing games all night long with a buttload of energy drinks =3