Monday, September 26, 2011

Internet Fixed...? - A General Update

Hi everyone!

Today, some people from the local internet service provider came by and fixed our internet connection. Everything seems to be working fine, for now at least. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will last.

Anyway, since last time, orientation here at the university has finished, and lectures have begun. Today, I went to the first class, which was about how the Japanese language, like all languages, is gradually changing. What used to be "correct" grammar some 50 years ago is quite different today, and in the future, things will probably change even more. Being the language geek that I am, I find these kinds of subjects very interesting. I'm definitely going to stick with this course if I can. Oh yeah, I should probably explain this properly.

Now, the way the system works regarding classes is basically as follows: The first week we go to as many classes as we can, to see what they are about, and if they are of interest to us. Then, after applying to them and getting our preliminary schedule, we can choose to cancel ones that we don't want to take any more, excluding the ones that are compulsory.

That said, we're limited to what time periods the classes are held on, and it just so happens that I have no classes to go to tomorrow. Feels a bit weird, but I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

In other news, my girlfriend came to visit me this weekend. It was great seeing her again, and we had a great time checking out some tourist spots in Kyoto, from the tranquil riverside "Philosopher's Road" to the old Gion district, full of old buildings and a truly classical Japanese atmosphere... and chock full of tourists. But whatever, it was still fun. And of course, strolling around town means more purikura.
It just so happened to be our 1 year and 2 months anniversary. Smile and say cheese!
 Well, that's all for now, I think. I hope the internet connection will be okay from now on, so I can update a little more frequently in the future. Until next time, have a good day!


  1. That class selection system sounds pretty solid

  2. No worries about not updating, technical difficulties are understandable! The Japanese language is really interesting you're right, it's cool that it's changing, good change is good. Hope you had fun with your girlfriend, wish I could see mine :).

  3. Always refreshing to get your internet back after not having it for awhile... same with the girlfriend.

  4. Nice blog! Cool stuff.

  5. I can't stand languages and they can't stand me. :P

    Good to see your internet has returned though.

  6. Good luck with the internet man :)
    I hope you're starting to feel at home in Japan.

  7. It's nice to have preview of what you are about to enroll. Here we do not have any introduction to classes that we can attend :/