Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Long-Awaited Visit

Hi everyone! This last week, I have barely even touched my computer. Why? Well, my mother and stepfather came to visit, that's why!

Here in Japan, the beginning of May is packed with national holidays, together forming what is known as Golden Week. During this holiday, my mother and stepfather came to visit me, and until they left to go home to Sweden this morning, I have been in full tourist mode. We went to see temples, castles, eat delicious and exotic food, sing karaoke etc. In other words, we were living it up in rural Japan. (Which is pretty much the equivalent of living it up in the most urban parts of Sweden)

It was great seeing them after eight months of being apart, especially since I now have a job and feel secure in my place here. A week goes by quickly, however, and now they've gone home again. It feels kind of sad to say goodbye, but I think I'll be okay. The world is a fairly small place in this day and age, and we can always meet again.

So yeah, I had a nice, relaxing week with my family. Not much else to write about right now. Have a good day!

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