Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Alive!!!

Hi everyone!

Alright, I am very sorry for not updating since, what? Halloween? Damn...

Well, I've been busy with class, tests, presentations and reports. Because of this, I just could not find the will to keep my blog updated, and let it fall into oblivion.
But, now that classes are over and spring break has begun, I thought I might give this another shot. So, let's start by catching up a bit, shall we?

After Halloween, things continued as usual. Classes were taken, presentations were created, and performed. Tests were taken, with mixed results, although mostly good. I still wish I had studied more for the Japanese Politics exam, because I was really blind-sided by that one.

Christmas rolled around, and I went to visit my girlfriend in Nagoya. We had turkey for Christmas dinner, and it was delicious. New Year's Eve came, and I was introduced to the wonderful world of low-brow Japanese humour in the form of Gaki Tsukai, a television programme in which five comedians are put through 24 hours of non-stop hilarious gags, the catch being that they must not laugh, or they get their rear-ends paddled with rubber batons. Needless to say, it was awesome.

After that, I went back to Kyoto and finished up my classes and tests, and now, spring break is here. Two months of lazing around... No, not really. You see, I have found my calling. I have realised through being here, spending time with my wonderful girlfriend and my lovely dorm mates and friends, that I want to stay in Japan after the exchange program is over. And in order to do that, I am taking my first, shaky steps onto the job market, as a freelance translator. My long-time readers (If any of you still bother to check for updates any more, and if you do, you are awesome and I appreciate it a lot) probably remember that I spent the better part of last summer translating and subtitling the J-Drama "Elite Yankee Saburou," something I really enjoyed doing. After some research, I discovered that with some effort, I can do pretty much the same thing and get paid for it as well. Score!

So, that's my goal from now on: Become a freelance translator and finance my life in Japan after the exchange program ends. I know that the road ahead is steep will take a lot of hard work. I know it is not going to be all that easy. but I also know that none of that matters, as long as I have a dream in my heart, and the will to carry on.

Wish me luck, everyone!

PS. Oh, and I'll try to keep the blog updated too. ;)


  1. Where and how did you find a way to do that? :O Cause that's something I'm considering after I've finished Japanese in a year...

    1. There are several translation sites you can sign up at to get started, such as It's no guarantee that you'll get work, but it's a good start.

  2. Japanese TV has always sounded so cool. Nice to see you back too :)