Monday, April 9, 2012

LD: Hovering, Falling Clouds

Hi everyone! I just woke up, it's a sunny day out, and I had a lucid dream last night. This day is looking like a fine one, and it's only 9 am!

So, about the dream. I am in a secret headquarters, in a low-lit room full of monitors and maps and such. There are two other people in the room, but I can't tell who they are. Anyway, they receive a distress call from one of our allies who needs to be rescued. I am sent out to find them. As I move across a large grassy field, I notice that I am in fact Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. (And I don't even like Transformers all that much!)

Since walking is awfully slow, I leap into the air and start flying. This is when it hits me: Optimus Prime can't fly! At least not without combining with some other guy first, if I recall correctly. So this must be a dream, then! I continue to fly at a really high speed over a forest, but I lose altitude and fall to the ground. Usually, if something like this happens, I leap right back up and try to fly some more, but this time, I decided to take things easy. I just lie there on my stomach for a while, concentrating on floating above the ground. I slowly rise about two inches and move forward at a slow pace. When I get to a paved road, I have to concentrate even harder to keep my legs up, to prevent them from scraping along the asphalt. After making it across, I stand up and walk for a while.

At this point, I make sure to test reality again, just to confirm once more that I am still dreaming and conscious about it. So I pull on my right index finger, which stretches out like rubber, impossibly long. Yup, still dreaming.
Recalling something I read about the sky sometimes being very odd and beautiful in dreams, I look up. The sky looks quite normal, apart form some very big, dark clouds. Upon closer inspection, I realise that the clouds are in fact falling down. I quickly step out of the way as the big cloud crashes into the ground with a dull thumping noise. When I try poking it, I find that it has the same texture as foam rubber. More clouds come falling down, and I kick and swing at them, sending them flying out of the way. I tear off a large chunk of cloud and try swinging it around. It's fairly light, and feels like a big rubber mattress. I play around with it for a while, and then my alarm clock goes off.

I was a little annoyed that the dream was cut short by the alarm clock like that, but it was fun while it lasted.

Until next time everyone! Have a good day!


  1. a best dream is a wet dreams lol

  2. At least you can have lucid dreams. I always wake up from them. :(

  3. dreams cut short are the worst :(

  4. Sounds like you had a cool dream!

  5. haha...your dream sounds great. Nice blog :)