Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Term, New Toils

Hi everyone!

So, the long, long spring break is finally at an end, and so is the first week of class. I have gone to a lot of classes to see which ones I would like to take, and today I handed in my application form.

I hope I can get all the ones I want, though it seems some of them have limited places available. Cross my fingers, I guess.

Other than class, I'm also going to keep looking for work. Busy, busy...

Don't have much else to write about right now, so have a good day!


  1. I hope you'll have luck by getting all the ones you want.

  2. Registering for classes... never a fun experience. It always feels like a rat race.

  3. I wish spring break never had to end... except for winter break!

  4. I like how as your break is ending my term is ending as well.