Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just a quick one

So today I don't have a lot of time to write here, since I'm going to a LAN at a friend's house. I'll just give a quick retelling of my dream this morning, because it was the first lucid one I've had in a while. Here goes:

I am on my way to a school, riding a bike. When I get there I feel a strange sensation, and wonder if I'm dreaming. I run into a strange woman who starts telling me a story about a miracle that happened long ago. (I can't really remember the details of the story now.) As I listen, I realise that she is stuck inside a sink. I approach the sink and start trying to open it. It is clogged with old leftovers, soggy with water, so I start scraping them out. There's a lot of rice and lettuce. It feels kinda gross, so I think to myself: "Why not just think it away?" I close my eyes and visualise the leftovers disappearing. When I open my eyes again, the leftovers are gone, and I can open the plug in the sink. I open it, and see the woman's face. She is actually my girlfriend. She thanks me for getting her out of there, and as a reward, starts telling the story from the beginning. Right then, my alarm goes off and I wake up.

Well, as lucid dreams go, it wasn't all that spectacular, but it still felt nice to be lucid again.

Have a good day, everyone!


  1. Woah, kinda odd dream, dunno what to make of that, at least it sounds pleasant

  2. your happy end wasn't that happy compared to the dreams i have involving females

  3. I miss LAN parties!
    Have a good one, and keep up the great post!

  4. Hahah weird. You should post something about 'techniques' of lucid dreaming. (I'm too lazy to google it) haha.

  5. Really good post despite being rushed a bit.