Sunday, June 12, 2011

LD Journal - Sunny Flight

Hi everyone!
This morning, I had an idea for the blog. From now on, I think I'll write about any lucid dream I have here. Think of it as the very best from my dream journal. (Or at least, the most lucid stuff.)
I suppose I should warn you that these are my dreams, so there may be times when viewer discretion is advised. If my dreams are too naughty, I think I'll tone them down a little for the blog. I wouldn't want to offend anyone.
So, without further ado, the LD I had this night!

I am walking through a sunny field with white stone walls. Somehow, I know this is the physical manifestation of an unknown woman's blog, and I look around to see what she's got. I pass between two halves of a pink house, an art project that was seemingly scrapped before it was finished. I see another house-shaped piece of art, and as I look closer, I find something written on one of the walls. (Regrettably, I can't remember what it said.)

It is quite a big structure, and as I walk around it to find more text that may explain it a little better, I realise that it would be much faster to fly around it instead of walking. So I begin to hover above the ground. By now, I am aware that it is all a dream, and with a triumphant feeling in my chest, I start inspecting the piece of art more closely. I still, can't find any text, though, and I soon think that it would be a lot more fun to just fly around in the sky than to look at modern art.

And away I go! I soar through the sky like Superman, arms stretched out in front of me to aid in steering. Rolling and looping for a while, I then decide to go higher. I burst through the clouds and hover in place. I look down and decide to dive straight down and freeze time just before I hit the ground. (Because honestly, who wouldn't want to do that?) I steer downwards, and start freefalling towards the ground. Still wanting to make it spectacular, I do a few somersaults on the way down. I'm falling faster and faster, apparently my imagination has got gravity down pat, and am soon about to strike the ground.

"Freeze!" I shout, bracing for epic. But all I manage to do is slow my descent, and I hit the ground rolling. I tumble a few feet, feeling the cold ground underneath me, and the scent of freshly cut grass in the air. It has gone dark.

When I open my eyes, I am in my bedroom. Excited that I had a lucid dream, I reach for my journal and try to turn on the bedside lamp. But it won't turn on. Annoyed, I open the blinds to let in some sunlight, and start to write.

And then I really wake up. Well, darn. A perfectly good false awakening, and I didn't even notice. Oh well...

Going to sleep the night before, I had done a relaxing exercise, from my feet up to my head gradually tensing and relaxing my muscles. Then I repeated to myself that I was going to dream. It took a little while for me to fall asleep, and the actual LD came around 4 am, judging by the time when I woke up. I have a few vague recollections of dreams before that, but nothing that stood out apart from the lucid one. After that, I tried to WILD to have another LD, but I did not succeed. Maybe WILD just isn't for me, after all.

Well, that was my dream last night. Until next time, everyone! Sweet Dreams!


  1. Wow.. nice choice of words there, very detailed!
    I can actually get the idea of what you are writing!

    Also.. You woke up in your dream?
    A dream within a dream?


    Happy flying in your dreams! xD

  2. LDs are weird arn't they. Its like inbetween worlds.

  3. At least you didn't write the whole dream in your dream journal in the false awakening and then really wake up!

  4. That's a really interesting dream. I like the part about the building, because flying is just something everyone does in their dreams.

  5. Interesting to see what your mind brings up for itself during a dream. Do you ever analyse to any extent any of the elements of the dreams - find associations with your daily life, or try to make sense out of the whole thing as if it were a picture?

    Liking the idea of an online dream-log, might do this myself just for the fun of it.

  6. Really interesting dream. I'm intrigued by the false awakening part.

  7. After reading this, I seriously wish I could lucid dream. I haven't even remembered a dream in about...6 months o.O

  8. This sounds awesome, I'm still trying to LD but hopefully I'll be able to get it soon.

  9. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh you know how to LD?
    I've been trying to learn how to do that for MONTHS!

    *intense jealousy*

  10. Awesome dream! I need to start working on my Lucid dreaming and start writing a journal!

  11. interesting blog, following this!

  12. wow thats awesome, i really wish i could do it!:p

  13. Very cool, never quite achieved a lucid dream yet.

  14. I've still only managed ONE lucid dream in my life :/

  15. I tried lucid dreaming for a couple of weeks, managed to have one (!) but I haven't remembered a dream at all since then.

  16. Have you ever felt drugged or drunk at the beginning of a LD? I keep having the trouble of not being able to get past this stage where I am lucid but feel utterly impaired.