Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lucid Dreaming - See the Signs

Hi everyone! Sleep well?

Last time, I talked about nightmares and how they can be conquered using lucidity. Today, it's a short visit back to the basics.

If you're interested in having lucid dreams, you are naturally writing a dream journal, and ideally you should be able to recall your dreams every night. Or at least one dream every night. When you have a decent number of entries in your journal, it would be a good idea to read through it and look for things that occur often in your dreams; to find your own personal Dream Signs.

Dream signs can be anything from a certain person you know showing up a lot in your dreams, to something familiar to you being warped or different in some way from reality. For example, my dreams tend to feature a lot of my friends from different periods of my life. I frequently have dreams where my elementary school classmates are hanging out with my friends at university, in my old high school. That mix of people and places that I know from various different periods of my life is one of my dream signs.

When you can identify what dream signs tend to show up regularly in your dreams, you can then use them as indicators that you are dreaming, and become lucid easier. So look through your journal and pick out things that tend to pop up every now and then, and label them your own personal dream sign. Then, the next time you are in a situation in waking life where that dream sign (or something resembling it) occurs, test your reality with a reality check. (For example, I would test my reality whenever I am together with lots of friends or in a place I know from before but usually don't visit.) By doing this, the chances of you noticing the sign when it shows up in a dream and becoming lucid get much higher.

When going to sleep, you can also use a mantra to convince yourself that you are going to see a certain dream sign in your dreams that night.

Well, I hope this is of help to you in having more lucid dreams. Until next time, sweet dreams!


  1. This is awesome, I tested it!

  2. I tried this last night, but didn't seem to work... What am I doing wrong...?

  3. wow that would be amazing!!
    gonna try

  4. sex with hot chick sex with hot chick...

  5. I kept a dream journal a couple of years ago. I had totally forgot about it until now.

  6. I really want to achieve lucidity, but my problem is that I always get random dreams, nothing unusual.